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Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii
Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii
Zakaz przewożenia wyrobów tytoniowych i alkoholu
Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii
Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii

Courier parcels

Parcel to IRELAND

10kg – 20  € (standing charge)

every next kilo – 1  € only

Parcel from IRELAND

10kg – 20  € (standing charge)

every next kilo – 1 € only

Outsize parcels – outsize parcel is the one which weight calculated based on: length (cm) x width 9cm) x height (cm)/6000 x exceeds its real weight..

In case of outsize parcel, please contact our phoneline in order to obtain exact transprt costs or check the price using our calculator.

  • Several parcels weight adds up – you do not pay seperately for each of them.
  • The more you send the less you pay. If your order is bigger than five parcels you may expect a special discounted price.
  • Bicycle transport- 50 euro when carton-packed, failure to do so – individual price estimate

  • Long parcels price (>150cm) is calculated individually

  • Unsortable or badly-packed parcels are subject to additional fees ( from 8 euro per item+ real or outsize parcel weight) as well as parcels that require a pallet base e.g. refridgerators, washing machines – the additonal fees set individua

EUROPE parcel

The price depends on weight, size and delivery country

See: rate list

IMPORTANT: no possibility of payment by the Reciever

Pallet service - POLAND – IRELAND – POLAND

Pallet base size – 120x80 – height up to 200cm

  • 0-200kg – 200 €

  • 200-350kg – 270 €

  • 350-500kg – 350 €

  • over 500kg – individual estimate

In case of pallet transport within European Union ( not including Poland) – individual price esitmate

In case of pallet transport a reciever/sender must provide help with loading/unloading

  • the way to sender and receiver within Poland and Ireland areas free of charge
  • transport of scooters, motors and bikes - negotiable price

For more details about outsize parcels, please contact our phone line.
Irelandikona telefon do kuriera w Irlandii (353) 868 828 803 | Poland ikona telefon do kuriera w Polsce (48)792 85 86 83
INFOLINIA: monday-friday 8:00-18:00, saturday 10:00-14:00, sunday - closed
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