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Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii
Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii
Zakaz przewożenia alkoholu
Zakaz przewożenia wyrobów tytoniowych i alkoholu
Zakaz przewożenia wyrobów tytoniowych
Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii
Zamów przesyłkę paczki do Irlandii
It is just enough to text us or call us to book a courier - we will answer all your questions.
You can also use our form - just fill in the boxes below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Find the Eircode code on the webpage

Find the Eircode code on the webpage


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While handing over any parcel to UPS courier you should put the following address in consignment note: GreenSpeed Express, 60-003 Poznań, ul.Wołczyńska 18


Your personal data will be processed by Green Speed Logistics Krzysztof Cichocki, Wołczynska 18, 60-003 Poznań, NIP: PL 5661665650 for purposes associated with performance of the agreement or activity requested by you before conclusion of the agreement under the standards specified in appropriate provisions of the law. You are authorised to access, correct, remove, and transfer your personal data, restrict its processing, object towards data processing, and file complaints to the supervisory authority. Date recipients may include entities handling transactions made under the store of the data administrator. The personal data shall be processed until the agreement is performed.
Receiving a return mail on the e-mail address given in the form is equivalent of an order confirmation.

Irelandikona telefon do kuriera w Irlandii (353) 868 828 803 | Poland ikona telefon do kuriera w Polsce (48)792 85 86 83
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